Zeplin CLI Connected Components - Angular Plugin

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Zeplin CLI Angular Plugin
Zeplin CLI plugin to generate descriptions and code snippets for Angular components.


Install plugin using npm.
npm install -g @zeplin/cli-connect-angular-plugin


Run CLI connect command using the plugin.
zeplin connect -p @zeplin/cli-connect-angular-plugin

Zeplin CLI Angular Plugin uses a fork of Compodoc to analyze and collect information from Angular components.


If necessary, Zeplin CLI Angular Plugin can generate more detailed snippets and descriptions. Update your components configuration file to add the properties you need.
| Property | Description | |----------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | useFullSnippet | Generates a distinct snippet for all combinations of the component selectors | | useFullDescription | Generates descriptions with implemented interface names |
Here's a sample configuration file (.zeplin/components.json):
    "plugins" : [{
        "name": "@zeplin/cli-connect-angular-plugin",
        "config": {
            "useFullSnippet": true,
            "useFullDescription": true,

☝️ Note that after adding the plugin to the configuration file, you don't need to pass it as the -p argument to the connect command—running zeplin connect should be enough.

About Connected Components

Connected Components in Zeplin lets you access components in your codebase directly on designs in Zeplin, with links to Storybook, GitHub and any other source of documentation based on your workflow. 🧩
Zeplin CLI uses plugins like this one to analyze component source code and publishes a high-level overview to be displayed in Zeplin.