High-performance Angular barcode scanner component based on ZXing.

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Angular ZXing Scanner


Angular Barcode/QR-Code scanner component.

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>NOTE: While we do not have the time to actively maintain zxing-js anymore, we are open to new maintainers taking the lead.


Previews needs to be opened in new standalone windows.

Some previews may not be fully updated, please check the version. šŸ˜‰

How To

I promise that it's very easy to use:
<!-- some.component.html -->

Getting Started

click here

Angular version compatibility

Angular version compatibility table:
| Angular | @zxing/ngx-scanner | |---------|--------------------| | 17.x.x | 17.0.0 | | 16.x.x | 3.9.1 & 16.0.0 | | 15.x.x | 3.9.0 | | 14.x.x | 3.6.2 | | 13.x.x | 3.5.0 | | 12.x.x | 3.3.0 | | 10.x.x | 3.1.3 | | 9.x.x | 3.0.1 | | 8.x.x | 2.0.1 | | 5.x.x | 1.7.1 | | 4.x.x | 0.3.4 |
(Sorry for not using semver in the past, future releases will use the same major as the supported Angular version)


Check our nice wiki for more info: click here to take a look!


- HTTPS for production environments (more


Read our performance notes on the wiki: Performance Considerations.


Looking for a way to generate ~awesome~ QR codes? Check-out ngx-kjua.
Want just to write QR codes on your own, try our ZXing typescript port.

Financial contributions

We also welcome financial contributions in full transparency on our open collective. Anyone can file an expense. If the expense makes sense for the development of the community, it will be "merged" in the ledger of our open collective by the core contributors and the person who filed the expense will be reimbursed.


And last but not less important, the credits.


Here goes a special thanks all our contributors. Thank you! šŸ–¤ā¤ļøā™”

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