Ace Edit Mode for Ethereum's Solidity language.

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Ace Edit Mode for Ethereum's Solidity language.
  • The build directory holds prebuilt versions of the Solidity edit mode like you would find in the ace-builds repository.
  • The build/legacy directory has older versions which were built with a re-created ACE build process which does not crash on recent Node.js versions.
- (At least for me, the ACE build fails <=v1.2.3 on my Node.js v8.11.3 . Re-creating that build process was a very good AST lesson for me, I'm happy I took that detour.)
  • As an added bonus, the legacy directory has also brace (ACE for browserify) versions, look for src-brace subdirs.
  • Please do not wonder about any mode-javascript.js files, they only exist to ensure the 2 build processes are consistent.
  • Currently the only tested build is build/remix-ide/mode-solidity.js because the main focus is to enable Remix IDE to start using this NPM package. See this GitHub issue for the progress on that.
  • After that transition succeeded I will extend the tests to the other ACE versions.
  • No support for EVM assembly yet.