Various addons related helpers to build CLIs.

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Various addons related helpers to build scanners.


yarn add addons-scanner-utils


  • You need Node 14, which is the current LTS (long term support) release.
  • You need yarn to manage dependencies and run commands.


  • Read our contributing guidelines to get started on your first patch
  • Clone this repository
  • Type yarn to install everything
  • Run the test suite to make sure everything is set up: yarn test

Available development commands

In the project directory, you can run the following commands. There are a few commands not mentioned here (see package.json) but those are only used by internal processes.

yarn eslint

This runs ESLint to discover problems within our codebase without executing it. ESLint also enforces some patterns and practices.

yarn lint

This runs all the lint commands at once.

yarn prettier

This runs Prettier to automatically format the entire codebase.

yarn prettier-dev

This runs Prettier on only your changed files. This is intended for development.

yarn test

This launches Jest in the interactive watch mode.


We use Prettier to automatically format our JavaScript code and stop all the on-going debates over styles. As a developer, you have to run it (with yarn prettier-dev) before submitting a Pull Request.


This project follows the semantic versioning specification.
In order to release a new version, one has to run the npm version command with one of the following arguments: minor, patch or major (less frequent). This command (1) updates the version in package.json, (2) create a new commit for the release and (3) make a git tag.