Outputs postal addresses in a variety of international formats

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Simple address formatting for the masses


    address: '1234 Some St.',
    address2: 'Floor #67',
    address3: 'Unit #123',
    city: 'San Francisco',
    subdivision: 'CA',
    postalCode: '94105',
    countryCode: 'US'
will output
  '1234 Some St.',
  'Floor #67',
  'Unit #123',
  'San Francisco, CA 94105'

If a line does not have any information, it will be omitted.
No fields are required to call the formatter, but the only property that will invoke some logic is the ISO 3166 Alpha-2 country code, for which an index can be found here.

Use in Node.js

No additional work necessary. This package is not currently published to npm, but will be very soon.

Building for use in browser

I've included a build script for a standalone browserify module. To build, simply run the following from CLI:
npm install
npm run build

This will browserify to dist/address-format.js and uglify to dist/address-format.min.js. Include whichever you like.


Gladly accepting contributions, hopefully in the form of additional countries. Regardless of current tests being a bit naive, please include tests for added countries to ensure the output is as expected.

Other implementations