Cursor component for tracked controls in A-Frame.

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A-Frame component for adding a laser-style cursor to a tracked controls (e.g., HTC Vive, Oculus Touch).


| Property | Description | Default Value | |------------|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|---------------| | color | Laser color. | #74BEC1 | | downEvents | Event to detect button down, comma-separated. For example, use trackpaddown for 3DoF. | triggerdown | | upEvents | Event to detect button up, comma-separated. For example, use trackpadup for 3DoF. | triggerup | | radius | Laser radius (top and bottom). | 0.001 |


Attach the component to an entity alongside a tracked controls entity. ```html ``` The controller cursor component is based on A-Frame's built-in cursor, many of the events and states are shared. mouseup and mousedown are mapped to the trigger. Pulling the trigger will emit the same events as clicking.


To avoid intersecting with the laser, the raycaster's near property is set to 0.03. Thus, you may see odd results when the top of the controller is held extremely close to the entity you wish to intersect. This component was built for the Vive controller model. If you are using a different model, you may need to modify the raycaster and position of the laser. In the future, this should be made more easily configurable.


Install and use by directly including the browser files: ```html My A-Frame Scene
<a-entity vive-controls="hand: left"></a-entity>
<a-entity vive-controls="hand: right" controller-cursor></a-entity>


Install via npm: ```bash npm install aframe-controller-cursor-component ``` Then register and use. ```js require('aframe'); require('aframe-controller-cursor-component'); ```