A Standard-Compliant Globally Unique IDentifier (GUID) generator for Node.js and Browser

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A Globally Unique IDentifier (GUID) generator in JS.
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There are already great node module(s) for generating random UUIDs:
What we need is a way to return the same UUID/GUID for a given input string; i.e. Deterministic !

Use Case

The use-case is very specific: generate a key for a record in a database.
Imagine you want to store a person's personal details in a record but don't want use a username or email as the key for the record. We solved this by creating a UUID (string) from the username or email address and using that instead. (see usage below)



npm install aguid --save

Generate a Deterministic GUID given an input

var aguid = require('aguid');
var guid  = aguid(""); // d828ed52-32ed-4908-86df-df934d3c315d (ALWAYS)
// use the guid as the key for our record in Redis, ElasticSearch, Postgres, etc.

Note: even though the GUID we are returning for a given input is deterministic, it's still globally unique because we are using SHA256 hash for the characters. and in our specific use-case we are hashing an email address (which is its' self unique be definition!)

Generate a Random GUID when invoked without argument

var aguid = require('aguid');
var guid  = aguid(); // 525be54a-1101-46bf-97d7-2e9c89dd1b16 (*Random*)
// use for what ever you need a *random* guid



  • Wikipedia UUID (gentler intro):
  • Universally Unique IDentifier (UUID) Specification:
  • V.4 Random UUID:


  • Hex to Base64 and back:
  • Snowflake approach:
  • GUIDs using Math.random()


Instead of trying to re-invent this, I invested the time to read, download and play with the source-code for node-uuid (the most popular &
performant module for creating GUIDs): See: #3