Query your local network for Apple TV's and have them play videos

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Query your local network for Apple TV's or other AirPlay video compatible devices and have them play videos.
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For programmatic use, install using:
npm install airplayer --save

Or install globally to use via the command line:
npm install airplayer --global

Example Programmatic Usage

var airplayer = require('airplayer')

var list = airplayer()

list.on('update', function (player) {
  console.log('Found new AirPlay device:',

Example CLI Usage

If you install the module gobally, simply run the airplayer command with the file you want to play as the first argument.
The airplayer command will look for an Apple TV on your local network. When one is found, it will start playing the chosen video. Use the option -i to select the Apple TV to stream to.
$ airplayer my-video.m4v

Note that the video must be in a format supported by your Apple TV in order for airplayer to play it.


var list = airplayer()

Creates a AirPlay list. When creating a new list it will call list.update() once. It is up to you to call afterwards in case you want to update the list.


An array of the players that have been found on the local network so far.


Updates the player list by querying the local network for airplay instances.


Stop browsing for players.

list.on('update', player)

Emitted when a new player is found on the local network.
The player is an instance of airplay-protocol with the following extra properties:
  • name - The human readable name of the AirPlay device