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Akita Schematics
Scaffolding library for Angular applications using Akita.
akita-schematics provides CLI commands for generating files when building new features with Akita. Built on top of Schematics, this tool integrates with the Angular CLI.


Install akita-schematics from npm:
npm install akita-schematics --save-dev
yarn add akita-schematics --dev

Default Schematics Collection

To use akita-schematics as the default collection in your Angular CLI project, add it to your angular.json:
ng config cli.defaultCollection akita-schematics

The collection schema also has aliases to the most common schematics used to generate files.
The akita-schematics extend the default @schematics/angular collection. If you want to set defaults for schematics such as generating components with scss file, you must change the schematics package name from @schematics/angular to akita-schematics in angular.json:
"schematics": {
  "akita-schematics:component": {
    "styleext": "scss"

Create a New Feature

ng g akita-schematics:feature todos/todos

The defauls feature will output an entity feature, but you can also generate the normal:
ng g akita-schematics:feature todos/todos --plain

Note that the akita-schematics: prefix is only needed when the default collection isn't set to akita-schematics

Generate a Store

ng g akita-schematics:as todos
ng g akita-schematics:aes todos // entity store

Generate a Query

ng g akita-schematics:query todos
ng g akita-schematics:entity-query todos

ng g akita-schematics:aq todos
ng g akita-schematics:aeq todos // entity query

Generate a Model

ng g akita-schematics:model todo

ng g akita-schematics:am todo

Generate a Service

ng g akita-schematics:service todos

ng g akita-schematics:asr todos

Generate Tests

Add the --spec option. For example:
ng g af products/products --spec

Generate Module

Add the --withModule to generate module and akita component. (only for entity store)