Webpack plugin that enables overriding module import paths using a regex match and a replacement

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Webpack plugin that provides a convenience to override modules require paths, with an external set of matching files.


Webpack has a comprehensive aliasing mechanism, that can be used to point paths to different locations. This essentially does the same, with one difference. When specifying an override for a certain path, if a matching file exists at the override location, it will be resolved instead of the original file. If no file exists, the original file is resolved.
The plugin was conceived as a solution to skinning a complex vanilla application, where any of the original application dependencies, could be directly overriden with an alternative.
// SomeView.js  
import 'app/view/SomeView.scss'

// SomeParent.js  
import SomeView from 'app/view/SomeView'

Say we want to override the styles and view with different files, we'd simply add a path override config, providing the files to use in their place.
// webpack.config.js
import AliasRegexOverridePlugin from 'alias-regex-webpack-plugin'

const webpackConfig = {
    plugins: [
        new AliasRegexhOverridePlugin(/^app\/view/, './node_modules/SomeExternalSkin/src')


Install via npm:
npm install --save-dev alias-regex-webpack-plugin


new AliasRegexhOverridePlugin(pathRegExp, pathReplacement, extensions)

  • pathRegExp (required) regexp the RegExp to match paths against.
    pathReplacement (required) string the path to replace matches with
  • extensions (optional) array of extensions to resolve against (default: 'jsx', 'js')


  • Add test suite

License (MIT)