Get all possible javascript (npm/yarn/pnpm) global or local, binaries or packages paths, e.g. node_modules and node_modules/.bin. Also works for those using NVM or such

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Get all possible javascript (npm/yarn/pnpm) global or local, binaries or packages paths, e.g. nodemodules and nodemodules/.bin. Also works for those using NVM or such

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If you have any how-to kind of questions, please read the Contributing Guidecontributing-url and Code of Conductcodeofconduct-url documents. For bugs reports and feature requests, please create an issueopen-issue-url or ping @tunnckoCore at Twitter.
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Table of Contents

- Guides and Community - Support the project
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This project requires Node.js
>=10.13 (see Support & Release Policy). Install it using yarn or npm.
We highly recommend to use Yarn when you think to contribute to this project.
$ yarn add all-module-paths


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Guides and Community

Please read the Contributing Guide
contributing-url and Code of Conductcodeofconduct-url documents for advices.
For bug reports and feature requests, please join our communitycommunity-url forum and open a thread there with prefixing the title of the thread with the name of the project if there's no separate channel for it.
Consider reading the Support and Release Policy guide if you are interested in what are the supported Node.js versions and how we proceed. In short, we support latest two even-numbered Node.js release lines.

Support the project

Become a Partner or Sponsor?kofi-url :dollar: Check the OpenSource Commision (tier). :tada: You can get your company logo, link & name on this file. It's also rendered on package's page in npmjs.comnpmv-url and sites too! :rocket:
Not financial support? Okey! Pull requests, stars and all kind of contributions are always welcome. :sparkles:


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind are welcome!
Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key), consider showing your support to them:
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Copyright (c) 2018-present, Charlike Mike Reagent
<> & contributors.
Released under the MPL-2.0 Licenselicense-url.