Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

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Amaze UI is an open-sourced responsive front-end framework.

Docs in English

The Product

Mobile First

Amaze UI believes in Mobile First. Beginning with mobile phone screens, Amaze UI is extending the adaption to larger screens such as tablet and PC.

Web Components

Amaze UI contains almost 20 CSS components, 10 JS components and 17 other web components which include 60 different themes. All these components are designed to help you develop more efficiently and create responsive pages with awesome user interface and excellent user experience.


Compared with existing front-end frameworks, Amaze UI focuses on optimizing page layout in Chinese by adjusting font to different operating systems automatically. Amaze UI provides better compatibility for currently popular browsers and browsers built in Apps, saving you a lot of time for compatibility debugging.

Light yet Powerful

Amaze UI puts a lot of efforts on performance. Using CSS 3 for animation makes it more interactive, smooth, efficient and suitable for mobile devices, and allows your web app to load fast.


Users can download packed templates from the Amaze UI official site.
All documents are saved in the directory of docs/. To view the demo more conveniently, we suggest you check the documents by visiting the official website.


Developers can build extensions on top of Amaze UI.

Project Structure

|-- package.json
|-- dist        # Contains all compiled and minified CSS and JavaScript files
|-- docs        # Contains all documentation
|-- fonts       # Icon font, using
|-- gulpfile.js # Gulp config
|-- js          # JavaScript scource
|-- less        # LESS scource
|-- tools       # Related tools
|-- vendor      # Contains external libraries, like Zepto and others that are used by Amaze UI
|   |-- amazeui.partials.js
|   |-- handlebars
|   |-- json.format.js
|   |-- seajs
|   `-- zepto
`-- widget      # Web components


Amaze UI use gulp.js to build files。
The following shows the steps:
npm install -g gulp

git clone

npm install


Bug feedback & Requests

Bug feedback

You are welcome to submit bug report to the Amaze UI team.
To explain your problems clearly, we suggest that you provide a demonstration when you give us feedback.
The following links are pages we have built with online debugging tools, using Amaze UI layouts and scripts. You can fork and send a bug report, linking to example pages.

Submit Request

User can submit your requests through Issue system or leave us message on our official website. Any request that match our product concepts will be considered.

Code Contribution

You are welcome to join our debugging team! You are also very welcome to share the Web components you explored by “Fork” this item and submit request afterwards.
Development Document
All the development documents are saved in the directory of docs/rules. You can also check those documents on our official website.

Referenced & Used Open-source Projects

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