Super light-weight DOM manipulation lib.

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Minimal util-layer for applying transformations to DOM.
It's a pretty thin layer on top of DOM APIs.
It has zero dependencies.


npm install ampersand-dom

falsy values

When setting something to a falsy value: NaN, undefined, null, and false all become ''. However, 0 becomes "0" in order to allow setting 0 as the text content of an element.


Here are all the methods and their usage:
var dom = require('ampersand-dom');

// sets text content of element
dom.text(el, 'set text content');

// uses classList if available
dom.addClass(el, 'someclass');
dom.hasClass(el, 'someclass'); // => true
dom.removeClass(el, 'someclass');

// removes old if found, adds new
dom.switchClass(el, 'oldclass', 'newclass');

// makes sure attribute (with no content) is added
// if exists it will be cleared of content
dom.addAttribute(el, 'checked');

// returns true if that the element has an attribute with that name
dom.hasAttribute(el, 'checked'); // => true

// completely removes attribute
dom.removeAttribute(el, 'checked');

// sets attribute to string value given, clearing any current value
dom.setAttribute(el, 'value', 'the value');

// sets display none

// hide takes a second parameter which changes
// the css property used to hide the element
// sets visibility hidden
dom.hide(el, 'visibility');

// shows element, trying to determine it's default display state
// based on tagname and getComputedStyle();

// show also takes a second parameter which changes
// the css property used to show the element
// sets visibility on element based on its previous value, 'visibility');

// toggle display of element, between show/hide

// toggle also takes the same second parameter as show/hide
// which changes the css property used to show or hide
// the element
dom.toggle(el, 'visibility');

// sets inner HTML, takes string or DOM
dom.html(el, '<div></div>');


Initially created by @HenrikJoreteg with much inspiration/discussion with @philiproberts.