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Google analytics
Note: This package has moved to @analytics/google-analytics

This library exports the google-analytics plugin for the analytics package & standalone methods for any project to use to make it easier to interact with Google Analytics.
For more information see the docs.


npm install analytics
npm install @analytics/google-analytics


Import analytics and use the google analytics plugin.
Set the trackingId of your site.
import Analytics from 'analytics'
import googleAnalytics from '@analytics/google-analytics'

const analytics = Analytics({
  app: 'your-awesome-app',
  plugins: [
    // Google Analytics integration
      trackingId: 'UA-121991291'

/* Track a page view */

/* Track a custom event */
analytics.track('playedVideo', {
  category: 'Videos',
  label: 'Fall Campaign',
  value: 42

/* Identify a visitor */

After initializing analytics with your Google Analytics trackingId, data will be sent into google analytics whenever, analytics.track, or analytics.identify are called.

Sending additional event fields

To send tracking custom events to Google Analytics with eventLabel, eventCategory, and eventValue fields, add the label, category, and value keys to the event properties.
analytics.track('play', {
  category: 'Videos',
  label: 'Fall Campaign',
  value: 42

Standalone Usage

This package exports Google Analytics helper methods for any project to use.
Note: We recommend using the default plugin export from this package alongside the analytics package.

The standalone methods below will send data to Google Analytics but are not attached to the analytics plugin lifecycle.
Use analytics + @analytics/google-analytics packages together as described above to enable these features:
  • automatic library initialization
  • offline retries
  • middleware functionality
  • callbacks
  • listeners
  • etc.


Using standalone
npm install @analytics/google-analytics

Import and use standalone functions

When using standalone mode, you will need to initialize the provider javascript and pass in all the fields needed by said provider.
// Stand alone functionality
import {
  initialize as loadGoogleAnalytics,
  page as pageView,
  track as trackEvent,
  identify as identifyVisitor
} from '@analytics/google-analytics'

// Load Google Analytics on page
loadGoogleAnalytics({ trackingId: 'UA-1234' })

// Track page view

// Track custom event
trackEvent('buttonClick', {
  label: 'event label',
  category: 'event category',
  value: 'event value'

// Identify the visitor

Platforms Supported

Browser and Node.js

Browser Methods

page, track, identify

Node.js Methods

page, track, identify