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Forked from angular-bind-html-compile, since it don't support access via npm, we forked it and put it on npm.
Original document
This repo contains a bower package that provides an angular directive which can be passed trusted html with angular template content to evaluate.
The bind-html-compile directive allows for HTML containing directives to be compiled.
You should only use this directive where the content is coming from a trusted source.


  • npm install angular-bind-html-compile-ci-dev

Add dependency to your app module
  • 'angular-bind-html-compile'


<div ng-bind-html="data.content"></div>

If the data.content contained a directive, it would not be compiled.
<div bind-html-compile="data.content"></div>


  • Contributions welcome - Create an issue to discuss proposed changes and additions
  • All contributions should be done in branches and submitted as pull requests.
  • Code style follows the jsHint and jscs rules in .jshintrc and jscsrc. Automated travis tests will fail if these are not adhered to.

Releasing a new version

  1. Commit your changes.
  2. Follow the guidelines at to determine your new version number.
  3. Update with your new version number and a description of changes.
  4. Update the version property in bower.json and package.json
  5. Commit those changes with the commit message "Bump to version number". version number should be in the format x.y.z.
  6. git tag [version number]
  7. git push
  8. git push --tags - must be done separately.