Cache Buster for AngularJS $http (and $resource). Especially useful with Internet Explorer (IE8, IE9)

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Cache Buster for Angular JS $http and $resource. Especially useful with Internet Explorer (IE8, IE9)
bower install angular-cache-buster --save
In your app module definition, add ngCacheBuster as a dependency
angular.module('myApp', ['ngCacheBuster']);
AngularCacheBuster adds a cache buster to any $http requests (and hence to $resource requests). Since you probably want to maintain browser caching for your views, partials or other routes, you can supply a list of regexes that will be matched against all URL's. By default the supplied matchlist is a whitelist (i.e. busting everything not matching an entry in the list) but you can also set it to be a blacklist, (i.e. busting everything except the matching entries)
For instance, if you want to bust everything except views in a 'partials' folder and images in a 'images' folder , you can configure AngularCacheBuster this way:
angular.module('yourApp', ['ngCacheBuster'])
If instead you want to allow everything to be cached, except your "/api/users" and "api/orders" (assuming they are the only things that change frequently), you can supply a matchlist as before, but pass in a second boolean argument "blacklist" set to true as well:
angular.module('yourApp', ['ngCacheBuster'])
That's it! All your resource calls will have a cache buster added for anything not in the whitelist, or if you specified "blacklist", for everything matching the blacklist,
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