Angular library for working with Cesium.

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Drawing CircleCI npm version Create amazing mapping applications using Cesium and Angular components. Angular-Cesium is focused on high performance and simple usage. Check out our Docs and our blog post Intro to angular-cesium.

Getting started

If you are using Angular CLI, you can add the angular-cesium library using schematics

  • add angular-cesium:
```bash $ ng add angular-cesium ```

Manual installation details here.


  • You can try and learn about angular-cesium from our demo.
  • The demo contains many examples, check out the demo-map.component.ts file.
  • Run:
$ git clone
$ cd angular-cesium
$ yarn
$ yarn demo:start
$ open http://localhost:4200
  • More demos:
+ Angular Cesium Demo + GeoStrike - Repository + GLO - Repository + Safehouse + IMS

Basic example

  • In your HTML file :
<ac-layer acFor="let plane of planes$" [show]="showTracks" [context]="this">
<ac-billboard-desc props="{
image: plane.image,
position: plane.position
<ac-label-desc props="{
position: plane.position,
  • ac-map creates the map
  • ac-layer component represent an array of entities that will be displayed on the map.
+ acFor attribute accepts an RxObserver planes$ , ac-layer will subscribe to the observer and will handle all updates for you.
  • Add descriptions components to determine which entity to render,
in our example: ac-billboard and ac-label . + This example will render a billboard(icon) and label for each plane in the stream. + props accepts the same member options as cesium corresponding class. For example ac-billboard-desc accepts same members as cesium Billboard. For better understading check out the layer guide

Supported Entity types

Map Events

MapEventsManagerService is a util service for managing all the map events (Click, Mouseup...), it expose easy API for entity selection, event priority management and adds custom events (drag and drop, long press). Usage: ```javascript @Component(...) export class SomeComponent{ constructor(private eventManager: MapEventsManagerService){
// Input about the wanted event
const eventRegistration: EventRegistrationInput = {
event: CesiumEvent.LEFT_CLICK, // event type enum. [required!]
modifier: CesiumEventModifier.CTRL, // event modifier enum. [optional]
entityType: AcEntity, // raise event only if AcEntity is clicked. [optional]
priority: 0, // event priority, default 0 . [optional]
pick: PickOptions.PICK_FIRST // entity pick option, default PickOptions.NO_PICK. [optional]
const clickEvent = this.eventManager.register(eventRegistration).subscribe((result) => {
// The EventResult will contain:
// movement(screen location of the event), entities(your entities) , primitives( cesium primitives, like label,billboard...)
console.log('map click', result.movement, 'primitives:', result.primitives, 'entities', result.entities);
} } ``` For further details check the map events guide

Map layers

With angular cesium you can define your map provider in a declarative way using ac-map-layer-provider : ```html
<ac-map-layer-provider *ngIf="appSettingsService.showMapLayer" [provider]="MapLayerProviderOptions.ArcGisMapServer"
url : ''
  • All cesium imagery map layers are supported , defined with [provider] according to the MapLayerProviderOptions enum
  • Pass additional configuration to [options] . url is mandatory.
  • Support multi map layers, map ordering and map image layer configuration.
  • Check out usage example from our demo here

3d Tiles

url: ''

Multiple maps support

Angular Cesium supports integration of multiple maps, for more details here

MapLayerProviderOptions Updates

MapboxStyleImageryProvider has been added to MapLayerProviderOptions for mapBox styles support. Component Usage: ```javascript import{ MapLayerProviderOptions } from 'angular-cesium' @Component(...) class SomeComponent{
mapboxStyleImageryProvider = MapLayerProviderOptions.MapboxStyleImageryProvider
``` Template Usage: ```html provider="mapboxStyleImageryProvider" options="{
styleId:'style id from mapbox style dashboard item',
username:'your user name',
accessToken : 'your access token from map box'


Camera Keyboard Control Service

Service that manages keyboard keys and execute actions per request. Inject the keyboard control service into any layer, under your ac-map component, And defined you keyboard handlers using setKeyboardControls. ```javascript this.keyboardControlService.setKeyboardControls({
W: { action: KeyboardAction.CAMERA_FORWARD },
S: { action: KeyboardAction.CAMERA_BACKWARD },
D: { action: KeyboardAction.CAMERA_RIGHT },
A: { action: KeyboardAction.CAMERA_LEFT },


Util service that wraps cesium camera, exposes the scene's camera and screenSpaceCameraController.


Angular Cesium extends cesium api and expose additional features, but if you want to use pure cesium api you can use MapsManagerService to receive cesium viewer or any other util service that was created by ac-map. ```typescript class MyComp { constructor(mapsManagerService: MapsManagerService)
const viewer = mapsManagerService.getMap().getCesiumViewer();
const mapEventManager = mapsManagerService.getMap().getMapEventsManager();
const cameraService = mapsManagerService.getMap().getCameraService();
} ``` MapsManagerService manages all of the maps. The service exposes a getMap() function that can be used to retrieve a specific map by id.


A service that is used to activate a zooming tool that enables the user to draw a rectangle over the map and zoom into the drawn rectangle

Geometry Editors And Widgets

Part of AngularCesiumWidgetsModule are useful geometry editors tool: Check out the Geometry Editors Doc


Take screenshot of your cesium globe.

ContextMenuService - stackblitz

create any custom angular component and anchor it to a map position, context menu guide.


  • Docs


Mit License


Angular Cesium is an open source project, feel free to open issues,ask questions and open PRs. For additional support options contact us: Articode is a software company that specializes in GIS solutions and is the creator and the maintainer of angular-cesium. Feel free to contact us for consulting or any business endeavors.