A simple angular directive for executing code when clicking outside an element

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angular-click-outside ===================== A simple angular 1.x directive to execute code when clicking outside of an element

Get it

npm install angular-click-outside --save

Use it

  • Include script in your html
```html ```
  • Add the tw.directives.clickOutside module to your module's list of dependencies:
```js angular.module('app', 'tw.directives.clickOutside') ```
  • Use the twClickOutside directive.

Ignoring the event

If you don't want the twClickOutside to fire under certain circumstances (e.g. you don't need to hide the menu if it's already hidden), use the ignoreIf attribute: ```html Show Menu
``` Use this to:
  • avoid side effects of hideMenu()
  • avoid cost of hideMenu() if it is more expensive to run than menuAlreadyHidden()


Use npm install && npm start to open the example in your browser with live reloading via browserSync