A minimal module that adds the ability to dynamically change the locale

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Angular Dynamic Locale


  • AngularJS v1.0.7+ is currently required.

Changing the locale

This module defines two services, these are tmhDynamicLocale and tmhDynamicLocaleCache.
The service tmhDynamicLocale provides has one method set(newLocale) to change the locale.

Keep in mind that the locale will be changed asynchronously
After the locale is changed, the event '$localeChangeSuccess' will be triggered.
Calling tmhDynamicLocale.set will return a promise that will be resolved when the locale is loaded and will resolve to the new locale.
The service tmhDynamicLocaleCache is a $cache of all the loaded locales, where the key is the locale id and the value is the locale object.
This module expects for the angular locales to be present at angular/i18n/angular-locale_{{locale}}.js. If the locales are at another URL, this can be changed at tmhDynamicLocaleProvider using localeLocationPattern(string).
It is possible to specify a storage location for the locale using tmhDynamicLocaleProvider.useStorage(storageName), the name of the storage must follow the same signature as $cookieStore. The default storage location is to use a $cache, this default storage is not persistent.
It is possible to ask the storage to be $cookieStore using the shortcut tmhDynamicLocaleProvider.useCookieStorage(), internally this is exactly as performing tmhDynamicLocaleProvider.useStorage('$cookieStore')
Also it is possible to set a default language using tmhDynamicLocaleProvider.defaultLocale(locale).


Using npm:
npm install angular-dynamic-locale
Using bower:
bower install angular-dynamic-locale


Add the js file to your html:
<script src="myPath/tmhDynamicLocale.js"></script>

Add the module to your dependencies:
angular.module('myApp', ['tmh.dynamicLocale', ...])

Inject tmhDynamicLocale to your controller and set the desired locale:
angular.module('myApp').controller('myController', [..., 'tmhDynamicLocale',
  function(..., tmhDynamicLocale) {

Also, here's an example of how you may optionally override the default path (angular/i18n/angular-locale_{{locale}}.js) to the stored Angular i18n locale files in your project:
angular.module('myApp', ['tmh.dynamicLocale'])
  .config(function(tmhDynamicLocaleProvider) {

Lastly, if you need to set a default locale, you can do it like this:
angular.module('myApp', ['tmh.dynamicLocale'])
  .config(function(tmhDynamicLocaleProvider) {



  1. Install Node.js and NPM (should come with)

  1. Install global dependencies grunt-cli and bower:
$ npm install -g grunt-cli bower
  1. Install local dependencies:
$ npm install

Running the tests

$ grunt karma:unit
to run the test once
$ grunt karma:autotest
to run the tests continuously