AngularJS directive to animate counting to a number

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Angular Filter Count-To
This project is an animated counter for Angularjs. The directive counts from one number to another over a configured duration. This forked version updates the original repository by including AngularJS filter options as well as the ability to display floating values. Demo

Install via npm

$ npm install angular-filter-count-to

Install via bower

$ bower install angular-filter-count-to

How to use angular count-to

Inject the count-to directive in your app.
var myApp = angular.module('myApp', ['ngCountTo']);

Apply the directive to a dom element.
<!-- Number filter -->
<span ng-count-to="{{countTo}}" value="{{countFrom}}" duration="4" filter="number"></span>

<!-- Currency filter -->
<span ng-count-to="{{countTo}}" value="{{countFrom}}" duration="4" filter="currency" params="$"></span>


The following attributes can be set as numbers on the directive element.
  • ``ng-count-to`` the number to count to.
  • ``value`` the number to start counting from.
  • ``duration`` how long the count should take in seconds.
  • ``filter`` the AngularJS filter.
  • ``params`` the string of filter options.
  • ``fraction-size`` the decimal formatting.