An Angular directive to auto-scale the font-size of an element to fit it's parent element.

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Heres the demo!

Angular directive (typescript) to do what fittext.js did when jquery was cool. This auto-scales the font size to fit the width of it's container.

Versioning & What heppened to ng4-fittext?

This package was renamed angular-fittext to get rid of the ng version binding. This will follow the updates for angular and will not need to be bound specifically to a version of angular. We have kept the same github repo, but renamed it to angular-fittext.


Install the library
$ npm install --save angular-fittext


Import it in your Angular project as a module
1) Declare it in your module
import {AngularFittextModule} from 'angular-fittext';

  imports: [

2) Use it in a component

**The element that contains this directive should have a CSS width!**
   import {Component} from '@angular/core';

  selector: 'hero',
  template: `
    <div style="align-content: center;">
        <div style="width: 20%; height: 20%; margin: 0 auto;">
            <div fittext>test</div>

export class AppComponent {}

| Parameter | Description | Values | | --- | --- | --- | | fittext (required) | Selector for the directive. | boolean (defaults to true) | [activateOnResize] (optional) | enable/disable the auto-scale in case of window resize | boolean (defaults to true) | [compression] (optional) | compression rate. How fast should the text resize? As of v1.2.0, this can receive a dynamic value. | number (defaults to 1) | [minFontSize] (optional) | minimum font size allowed on element | number (defaults to 0) | [maxFontSize] (optional) | maximum font size allowed on element | number (defaults to infinity) | [delay] (optional) | time to delay resize (in nanoseconds) | number (defaults to 100) | [fontUnit] (optional) | font unit to apply to the fontSize | px, em, ... (defaults to px)


Want to contribute? Great! Simply, clone the repository!


- Rich