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angular-gage Build Status =============== AngularJS directive for the JustGage gauge.


```shell $ bower install angular-gage ```


The directive tag is justgage, but you can also use it as an attribute or as a class name. angular-gage implements all of the original JustGage parameters via AngularJS binding:
  • title, gauge title text
  • titleFontColor, color of the title text
  • titleFontFamily, font-family of the title text
  • titlePosition, "above" or "below" the gauge
  • value, value to show
  • valueFontColor, color of the value text
  • valueFontFamily, font-family of the value text
  • width, gauge width
  • height, gauge height
  • relativeGaugeSize, true if the gauge has to grow with the container
  • min, minimum value
  • max, maximum value
  • valueMinFontSize, absolute minimum font size for the value
  • titleMinFontSize, absolute minimum font size for the title
  • labelMinFontSize, absolute minimum font size for the label
  • minLabelMinFontSize, absolute minimum font size for the minimum label
  • maxLabelMinFontSize, absolute minimum font size for the maximum label
  • hideValue, hide value text
  • hideMinMax, hide min and max values
  • hideInnerShadow, hide inner shadow
  • gaugeWidthScale, width of the gauge element
  • gaugeColor, background color of gauge element
  • showInnerShadow, true to display inner shadow
  • shadowOpacity, shadow opacity, values 0 ~ 1
  • shadowSize, inner shadow size
  • shadowVerticalOffset, how much is shadow offset from top
  • levelColors, array of strings, colors of indicator, from lower to upper, in hex format
  • customSectors, array of objects with color, hi, lo attributes
  • noGradient, true to use sector-based color change, false to use gradual color change
  • label, text to show below value
  • labelFontColor, color of label under the value
  • startAnimationTime, length of initial load animation
  • startAnimationType, type of initial animation (linear, >, <, <>, bounce)
  • refreshAnimationTime, length of refresh animation
  • refreshAnimationType type of refresh animation (linear, >, <, <>, bounce)
  • donut, turn the gauge into a full circle donut
  • donutStartAngle, angle to start from when in donut mode
  • reverse, if true, max and min are swapped (with max appearing on the left, min on the right)
  • counter, increase numbers one by one
  • decimals, quantity of decimal numbers to show
  • symbol, unit of measure that will be appended to value
  • formatNumber, whether to format numbers
  • humanFriendly, true to show shorthand big numbers (300K instead of 300XXX)
  • humanFriendlyDecimal, number of decimal places for our human friendly number to contain
  • textRenderer, function applied before rendering text
When parameters are not set or they are undefined, the behavior of JustGage is to assume they are not set; therefore, the default values will be loaded. You can check out the demo at demo/index.html.


To build your own version, use grunt: ```shell $ npm install -g grunt-cli bower karma $ npm install $ bower install $ grunt ```


To contribute, please follow the generic AngularJS Contributing Guidelines, with the only exception to send the PR to the develop branch instead of master. Before committing and requesting a PR, please make sure that your build succeeds.


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