AngularJS directives for Google Maps

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Project No longer actively maintained

With angular 2 and other competing projects we have decided to announce that this project is no longer activley maintained. If someone desires to take over the project please contact any of the admins.
As a warning this project is not activley watched by the admins and is checked here and there to fix any major issues. Therefore if something is major, contact someone directly via mentioning a users name/alias (will notify the user/admin).
AngularJS directives for Google Maps
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  • 2.2.X: Build Status

  • 2.1.X: Build Status

  • 2.0.X: Build Status

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Getting started

This is a set of directives and services for AngularJS ~1.0.7+, ^1.2.2+.


Please always be checking the package.json
and bower.json. They are the spoken word and will usually be more up to date than this readme.
Tip use some library which will always pull in your dependencies (no matter what the changes are) to your vendor.js. IE: main-bower-files
Current Dependencies:

Development and or Running the Build

If you plan to hack on the directives or want to run the example, first thing to do is to install NPM dependencies:
npm install && bower install

  • Installing for Meteor application:

meteor add angularui:angular-google-maps

meteor npm install --save angular-google-maps


To build the library after you made changes, simply run grunt:

If you get errors from jshint or specs, just add the --force argument.

Generating SourceMap(s)

grunt buildAll
This will generate source maps for development (angular-google-mapsdevmapped.js) (non minified) and source maps to minified (angular-google-mapsdevmapped.min.js) files. They each have their own corresponding map files. To get the coinciding source files you will need to copy the generated /tmp directory (currently not under scc).

Running the example

To run the example page, just run
grunt example

and open your browser on http://localhost:3000/example.html.


The various directives are documented at official site


Filing issues: Prior to submitting an issue:
  • Search open/closed issues, src examples (./examples), gitter, and then google plus community! Again please search!
  • issues w/ plnkrs get attention quicker

Pull Requests (PR) more than welcome! If you're adding new features, it would be appreciated if you would provide some docs about the feature. This can be done either by adding a card to our board, forking the website branch and issuing a PR with the updated documentation page, or by opening an issue for us to add the documentation to the site.
PR's should follow angular git commit conventions.

Branching Scheme

PRS to master are for 2.3.X only.
If you want it rolled into a older release then target your PR to that respective branching name like 2.1.X.
Note: many fixes relevant to 2.0.X can be rolled up into 2.1.X, 2.2.X and 2.3.X
  • master: points to the active targeted next release branch (2.3.X)
  • 2.2.X: latest of 2.2.X
  • 2.1.X: ""
  • 2.0.X: ""
... etc