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Installation & setup

Add dependency to your angular module.
angular.module('myAwesomeApp', ['drahak.hotkeys']);

Hot keys expression & events

Use $hotkey service to register hotkey globally on window object. The $hotkey service is instance of HotKey using $window element as its scope. You can also use HotKey(Element) factory to observe hotkeys just in scope of the element.
$hotkey.bind('Ctrl + B', function(event) {
    // your handler here

Note the string expression in first argument. ParseKey service parses it into key codes array. As you can see it uses + sign to separate keys. There are some special expressions like Ctrl, Shift, Up, Left, Esc or even Escape. It's not case sensitive.
Ctrl + Shift + E
Control + escape + a
Shift + A
E +r


You can also use it as directive. Simply add hot key to hotkey attribute and action to invoke attribute. As in any AngularJS event you can use $event variable to access Event object.
<div hotkey="Esc" invoke="close($event)"></div>
<hotkey bind="Esc" invoke="close($event)"  />

Important note: this component does not prevent default browser events. Threfore it could block your hotkey. You can prevent it by calling event.preventDefault() where event is current browser event also available as $event in invoke and hotkey attributes.
Note: the hotkey directive can be used as element or attribute. If it's used as attribute, it will observe key events only on given element. Otherwise it will use $window element.
To define more events within single element pass object to hotkey or bind attribute. Note you can only pass function references. It's not possible to pass angular expression at the moment. Handler function only takes one parameter (event).
<div hotkey="{ 'Esc': close, 'Ctrl + C': close }"></div>
<hotkey bind="{ 'Esc': close, 'Ctrl + C': close }" />