Angular hovercard directive.

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Hovercard is a very lightweight Angular directive that is written purely in AngularJS. It is a card that is displayed when you hover over a label. The card can contain any html element.


Check out the demo here.

How to Use

Include angular-hovercard.(js|css) in your project (you can do so via bower install angular-hovercard).
Load the directive after loading angular.js
<script src="<path to angular.js>"></script>
<script src="<path to angular-hovercard.js>"></script>

Specify angular-hovercard as a dependency of your Angular module.
var app = angular.module('ngApp', [

Use it in your project.
<html ng-app="ngApp">
  <hovercard hover-tmpl-url="hoverCardDetail.tmpl">Hover over here</hovercard>.

or check out my Plunker for the minimal setup.

How to Contribute

$ git clone
$ cd angular-hovercard
$ npm install; bower install
$ # modify the source code in src/
$ grunt clean; grunt build
$ # test your changes; you can modify demo/ and serve it locally to see the changes.
$ # submit a pull request