Utility to work with loading images, has fallback-src to handle errors in image loading and loading-src for images loading placeholders.

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Angular Image Fallback ====================== Angular directives that handles image loading, it has fallback-src to handle errors in image loading and loading-src for placeholder while the image is being loaded.

Bower Download

bower install angular-img-fallback


  1. Download and import the plugin script.
<script src="lib/angular-img-fallback/angular.dcb-img-fallback.min.js"></script>
  1. Add dcbImgFallback to your angular app module dependencies list.
angular.module('myAngularApp', ['dcbImgFallback']);
  1. Add the fallback-src attribute to your img
<img ng-src="{{'path/to/img.jpg'}}" fallback-src />


Just add the fallback-src and the loading-src attributes to your <img /> tags
<img ng-src="{{'path/to/img.jpg'}}" fallback-src loading-src />
Make sure you use ng-src as your image src attribute.

Advanced options

  • Simple usage, will replace to a default missing image placeholder
<img ng-src="{{'path/to/img.jpg'}}" fallback-src />
  • Custom fallback, will replace to your own custom missing image
<img ng-src="{{'path/to/img.jpg'}}" fallback-src="{{'path/to/fallback.jpg'}}" />
  • Loading placeholder, show a loading placeholder until image loads
<img ng-src="{{'path/to/img.jpg'}}" loading-src />
  • Custom Loading placeholder, show a custom image loading placeholder until image loads
<img ng-src="{{'path/to/img.jpg'}}" loading-src="{{'path/to/loading.jpg'}}" />
  • Or both! loading placeholder and a fallback source can work together
<img ng-src="{{'path/to/img.jpg'}}" loading-src fallback-src />

Icons license

Icons are provided from under the GNU General Public License v3.0


We use Babel to compile the es6 code to es5 and uglify-js to minify the code even more. it's already setup, all you need to do is install dependencies using $ npm install and run $ npm run build.