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Platanus Angular Inflector Utilities Build Status
Small suite of inflector functions, hopefully this lib will no longer be needed when angular makes the inflector functions they use part of the public api.


Optional Use bower to retrieve package
bower install angular-inflector --save

Include angular module


This library registers the inflector service, the following methods are provided by the service.
inflector.camelize('the-snake'); // should output theSnake
inflector.camelize('the-snake', true); // should output TheSnake
inflector.parameterize('TheCamel'); // should output the-camel
inflector.parameterize('TheCamel', '_'); // should output the_camel
inflector.dasherize('the_snake'); // should output the-snake
inflector.dasherize('the_snake', '&'); // should output the&snake
inflector.pluralize('index'); // should output indexes
inflector.singularize('mice'); // should output mouse

Credit for the general singularize and pluralize implementation and the english locale rules goes to Ryan Schuft with his ActiveSupport's Inflector port.
For now only the english transformation rules are included for the singularize and pluralize functions.

Contributed locales:

We thank the following developers for contributing with new locales rulesets:
  • pt-BR: Daniel Fernando Lourusso

Contributions for new locale rules are very welcomed!