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Angular JSON Schema Form
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Angular directive for making forms out of JSON Schema

This directive is using JSON Editor internally to generate forms.

Live demo

How to use

  • Install via bower

bower install --save-dev schema-form
`` * Include mohsen1.schema-form` in you app
angular.module('myApp', ['mohsen1.schema-form'])
`` * Pass your JSON Schema to json-schema-form attribute directive on ` element
<form schema-form="{type: 'string'}" action="/" method="post">
  <button type="submit">Send</button>
You can also use ng-model with this directive.
Note that schema-form will prepend generated form elements.


Install Gulp via npm if you don't have it
npm install -g gulp

Available commands

  • gulp: build and test the project
  • gulp build: build the project and make new files indist
  • gulp serve: start a server to serve the demo page and launch a browser then watches for changes in src files to reload the page
  • gulp test: run tests
  • gulp serve-test: runs tests and keep test browser open for development. Watches for changes in source and test files to re-run the tests