Angular mentions for text fields.

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Angular Mentions
Simple Angular mentions inspired by Click here for a Demo Provides auto-complete suggestions for @mentions in text input fields, text areas, and content editable fields. Not fully browser tested and comes without warranty! To install and start the demo application:
git clone
cd angular-mentions
npm install
ng serve


Add the package as a dependency to your project using:
npm install --save angular-material-mentions
Add the CSS to your index.html:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="//">
Add the module to your app.module imports:
import { MentionModule } from 'angular-mentions/mention';
imports: [ MentionModule ],
Add the [mention] directive to your input element:
<input type="text" [mention]="items">
Where items is a string array of the items to suggest. For example:
items: string[] = ["Noah", "Liam", "Mason", "Jacob", ...

Configuration Options

The following optional configuration items can be used. | Option | Default | Description | | --- | --- | --- | | triggerChar | @ | The character that will trigger the menu behavior. | | maxItems | | Limit the number of items shown in the pop-up menu. The default is no limit. | | mentionSelect | | An optional function to format the selected item before inserting the text. | | labelKey | label | The field to be used as the item label (when the items are objects). | | disableSearch | false | Disable internal filtering (only useful if async search is used). | For Example:
<input type="text" [mention]="items" [mentionConfig]="{triggerChar:'#',maxItems:10,labelKey:'name'}">

Output Events

  • (searchTerm)="" event emitted whenever the search term changes. Can be used to trigger async search.