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angular-nicescroll =================== This directive is for jquery-nicescroll in angular js whithout writing single line of javascript code ---------- Getting Started ------------- .

bower install

bower install angular-nicescroll

npm install

npm install angular-nicescroll

add dependency in you module

var app=angular.module("you app name",['angular-nicescroll'])

Using directive

<div class="my-scroll-area" ng-nicescroll nice-option="{cursorcolor: '#e2edff'}" nice-scroll-end="endScroll()">


| | Option| ----------------- | ---------------------------- | ------------------ | nice-option | 'Any option given below' | nice-scroll-end| "endScroll() (function to be called)" | ng-nicescroll | Initialize the directive
cursorcolor: "#424242", // change cursor color in hex
cursoropacitymin: 0, // change opacity when cursor is inactive (scrollabar "hidden" state), range from 1 to 0
cursoropacitymax: 1, // change opacity when cursor is active (scrollabar "visible" state), range from 1 to 0
cursorwidth: "5px", // cursor width in pixel (you can also write "5px")
cursorborder: "1px solid #fff", // css definition for cursor border
cursorborderradius: "5px", // border radius in pixel for cursor
zindex: "auto" | <number>, // change z-index for scrollbar div
scrollspeed: 60, // scrolling speed
mousescrollstep: 40, // scrolling speed with mouse wheel (pixel)
touchbehavior: false, // enable cursor-drag scrolling like touch devices in desktop computer
hwacceleration: true, // use hardware accelerated scroll when supported
boxzoom: false, // enable zoom for box content
dblclickzoom: true, // (only when boxzoom=true) zoom activated when double click on box
gesturezoom: true, // (only when boxzoom=true and with touch devices) zoom activated when pinch out/in on box
grabcursorenabled: true // (only when touchbehavior=true) display "grab" icon
autohidemode: true, // how hide the scrollbar works, possible values: 
true | // hide when no scrolling
"cursor" | // only cursor hidden
false | // do not hide,
"leave" | // hide only if pointer leaves content
"hidden" | // hide always
"scroll", // show only on scroll          
background: "", // change css for rail background
iframeautoresize: true, // autoresize iframe on load event
cursorminheight: 32, // set the minimum cursor height (pixel)
preservenativescrolling: true, // you can scroll native scrollable areas with mouse, bubbling mouse wheel event
railoffset: false, // you can add offset top/left for rail position
bouncescroll: false, // (only hw accell) enable scroll bouncing at the end of content as mobile-like 
spacebarenabled: true, // enable page down scrolling when space bar has pressed
railpadding: { top: 0, right: 0, left: 0, bottom: 0 }, // set padding for rail bar
disableoutline: true, // for chrome browser, disable outline (orange highlight) when selecting a div with nicescroll
horizrailenabled: true, // nicescroll can manage horizontal scroll
railalign: right, // alignment of vertical rail
railvalign: bottom, // alignment of horizontal rail
enabletranslate3d: true, // nicescroll can use css translate to scroll content
enablemousewheel: true, // nicescroll can manage mouse wheel events
enablekeyboard: true, // nicescroll can manage keyboard events
smoothscroll: true, // scroll with ease movement
sensitiverail: true, // click on rail make a scroll
enablemouselockapi: true, // can use mouse caption lock API (same issue on object dragging)
cursorfixedheight: false, // set fixed height for cursor in pixel
hidecursordelay: 400, // set the delay in microseconds to fading out scrollbars
directionlockdeadzone: 6, // dead zone in pixels for direction lock activation
nativeparentscrolling: true, // detect bottom of content and let parent to scroll, as native scroll does
enablescrollonselection: true, // enable auto-scrolling of content when selection text
cursordragspeed: 0.3, // speed of selection when dragged with cursor
rtlmode: "auto", // horizontal div scrolling starts at left side
cursordragontouch: false, // drag cursor in touch / touchbehavior mode also
oneaxismousemode: "auto", // it permits horizontal scrolling with mousewheel on horizontal only content, if false (vertical-only) mousewheel don't scroll horizontally, if value is auto detects two-axis mouse
scriptpath: "" // define custom path for boxmode icons ("" => same script path)
preventmultitouchscrolling: true // prevent scrolling on multitouch events


Open an issue first to discuss potential changes/additions. If you have questions with the guide, feel free to leave them as issues in the repository. If you find a typo, create a pull request. The idea is to keep the content up to date and use github’s native feature to help tell the story with issues and PR’s, which are all searchable via google. Why? Because odds are if you have a question, someone else does too! You can learn more here at about how to contribute. By contributing to this repository you are agreeing to make your content available subject to the license of this repository.


1. Discuss the changes in a GitHub issue.
2. Open a Pull Request, reference the issue, and explain the change and why it adds value.
3. The Pull Request will be evaluated and either merged or declined.


Use this guide. Attributions are appreciated.


Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Tushar Borole

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