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It's like click, but when you don't click on your element.


npm install angular-off-click --save
<script src="node_modules/angular-off-click/dist/angular-off-click.js"></script>

bower install angular-off-click --save
<script src="bower_components/angular-off-click/dist/angular-off-click.js"></script>



Here we have a slide out navigation div that will appear when the user clicks a button. We want the div to go away when they click off of it (off-click). We also want to make sure the button that triggers the div to open, also does initial close it (off-click-filter).
<button id="nav-toggle" off-click-filter="'#slide-out-nav'" ng-click="showNav = !showNav">Show Navigation</button>
<div id="slide-out-nav" ng-show="showNav" off-click="showNav = false" off-click-if="showNav">

The off-click attribute is the expression or function that will execute each time the user doesn't click on your element (or filter)

The optional off-click-if attribute is an expression that will determine if the off-click should trigger or not.

The included off-click-filter directive allows you to pass a comma separated list of targets whose off-click will not be triggered when the element off-click-filter was applied to is clicked (gets parsed as javascript, so remember to wrap in single quotes). If you pass off-click-filter="'*'" that element will be a filter for every off-click on the page. The value is an angular expression and as such, you can also pass dynamic values like so: off-click-filter="'#' + myIdInScope" and off-click-filter="myScopedVar".