A Raven.js / Sentry wrapper for Angular.js

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A Raven.js / Sentry wrapper for Angular.js
How do I add this to my project?
You can download angular-raven by:

````html Log Error

Initializing Raven.js outside of Angular allows Raven to track errors when Angular wasn't able to bootstrap correctly.
The community has compiled a list of common ignore rules for common things, like Facebook, Chrome extensions, etc. ```javascript Raven.config('YOURPUBLICDSN', { logger: 'javascript', ignoreErrors:
// Random plugins/extensions
// See: html
'Can\'t find variable: ZiteReader',
'jigsaw is not defined',
'ComboSearch is not defined',
// Facebook borked
// ISP "optimizing" proxy - `Cache-Control: no-transform` seems to reduce this. (thanks @acdha)
// See
// See
, ignoreUrls:
// Facebook flakiness
// Facebook blocked
// Woopra flakiness
// Chrome extensions
// Other plugins
/127\.0\.0\.1:4001\/isrunning/i,  // Cacaoweb