Pure javascript AngularJS directive to make elements stick when scrolling

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Angular Sticky
Pure javascript AngularJS directive to make elements stick when scrolling
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  • AngularJS (requires AngularJS 1.4.x or higher, tested with 1.4.9)
  • Supports all major browsers and IE9 and up (lower versions might not be supported)

Install with Bower (recommended)

To install Angular Sticky with Bower use:
bower install angular-sticky-plugin

Or with npm
npm install angular-sticky-plugin


Click here to download the latest version of the plugin. In the ``dist`` folder you'll find the minified and normal JavaScript file. Either one is fine to use, it just depends on your needs.

Adding it to your project

As soon as you've got all the files downloaded and included in your page you just need to declare a dependency on the module:
angular.module('myModule', ['hl.sticky']);
Contributing to the project
We are always looking for quality contributions!
There are several useful Grunt tasks you can run in order to use/change the project:
  • ``serve`: Use to demo application in order to develop the scripts from the `js`` folder.
  • ``build`: Build the files from the `js` folder to the `dist`` folder

Note: If you make a pull-request, there is no need to build the project as this is done only for a new release.


  • Configurable z-index (preferably in each stack)
  • Media queries based on predefined breakpoints (e.g. min-width: lg-max) so the code is DRYer in combination with Bootstrap or other grid frameworks
  • There seems to be a weird bug were an element becoming sticky starts shaking a little
  • I strongly suspect that performance can be improved at various parts in the code. For example by caching more.