A translation tool for Angular i18n

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This project is a tool to manage .xlf translation files. It is implemented as an Angular builder and can be added to a project via schematics.
angular-t9n allows adding translation targets, editing translations, exporting to Excel, importing from Excel and migrating orphaned translations.
The focus of this project is on Angular specific XLIFF files with UTF-8 encoding.


ng add angular-t9n

This will add a t9n section to the architect section of your angular.json.


The following properties can be configured in the t9n section in the angular.json file.
| Property | Description | | ---------------------- | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | translationFile | The file path to the source translation file.
Default: message.xlf | | targetTranslationPath | The path to the target translation files.
Default: src/locales | | includeContextInTarget | Whether to include the context information
(like notes) in the target files. This is
useful for sending the target translation
files to translation agencies/services.
Default: false | | port | The port on which to host the translation app.
Default: 4300 |


Run ng run {projectName}:t9n, where {projectName} is the name of the project in the angular.json file, to start the translation app and open your browser at http://localhost:4300/.

Standalone Usage

This library can also be used without an angular.json. Install the package globally via npm install angular-t9n --global or yarn global add angular-t9n.
Create a config file with ng-t9n init [name-of-config] and start a translation server with ng-t9n path/to/config/file.json.