Angular translate one-time directive

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angular-translate-once is an extension of angular-translate by introducing one-time bindings for static content.
By default, all of your translations beocme part of the digest cycle and bloat your application's $watch list. You don't really need to observe any changes for things like
  • form labels
  • input placeholders
  • link text/titles
  • static copy

These things really only need to bind once. If you're looking to trim any excess watchers from your application, and you use angular-translate, this directive may help you out.

Example Usage

<label translate-once="EMAIL_ADDRESS"></label>
<input type="email" translate-once-placeholder="SAMPLE_EMAIL_ADDRESS" />

<p translate-once="DYNAMIC_CONTENT" translate-values="{standard: 'object'}"></p>

This should all look very familiar, the only difference is -once in the directive name, and that the translation will be applied as soon as the directive is linked.