Angular Truncate 2 - Ellipsis for your templates

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Angular Truncate

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This project is a filter for Angularjs to truncate text strings to a set number of characters or words and add ellipses when needed.


You can install this package with bower, npm and gem.


View in Bower
bower install angular-truncate-2

The files are then available at bower_components/angular-truncate-2/src/angular-truncate-2.js


View in NPM
npm install angular-truncate-2

The files are then available at node_modules/angular-truncate-2/src/angular-truncate-2.js


Converted using rails-asset.
gem 'rails-assets-angular-truncate-2'
Include following in application.js:
//= require angular-truncate-2

How to use angular truncate

Include the javascript file.

<script src="angular-truncate-2.min.js"></script>

Inject the truncate filter into your app module.

var myApp = angular.module('myApp', ['truncate']);

When outputting text, apply the filter.

   {{ text | characters:25 }} or {{ text | words:5 }}

By default, a word will not be truncated. Set the optional boolean after the character count to true.
    {{ text | characters:25 :true}}

Filters can also be chained together. It will truncate after 25 words or before 25 words if the 100 character limit is reached.
    {{ text | words:25 | characters: 100}}

## How contribute

* Fork the repository
* Do your changes/suggestions
* Create a Pull Request

### How to run tests

npm test

This project is based on angular-truncate created by Brian Mathews.