Angular ts numbers and math!

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An angular repository for numbers and math. Dependencies:
* [Constants](#constants)
* [Random](#random)
* [Utils](#utils)
* [Convert](#convert)
* [Number actions](#number-actions)
* [Operations](#operations)
* [Math](#math)
* [v1.0.7](#v107)
* [v1.0.6](#v106)
* [v1.0.5](#v105)
```bash npm install angular-ts-math ```
```typescript import { angularMath } from 'angular-ts-math/dist/angular-ts-math/angular-ts-math'; ```
  • get the pi value angularMath.getPi();
  • get the e value angularMath.getE();
  • get the ln2 value angularMath.getLn2();
  • get the ln10 value angularMath.getLn10();
  • get the log2 of e value angularMath.getLog2E();
  • get the log10 of e value angularMath.getLog10E();
  • get the min safe angularMath.getMinSafeInteger();
  • get the max sage angularMath.getMaxSafeInteger();
  • get random integer values between the min and max angularMath.getIntegerRandomRange(min, max);
  • get random n integers numbers between min and max angularMath.getNIntegerRandomRange(min, max, n);
  • check if the value is type number angularMath.isNumber(number);
  • check if the number is integer angularMath.isInteger(number);
  • check if the number is even angularMath.isEven(number);
  • check if the number is odd angularMath.isOdd(number);
  • check if the number is palindrome angularMath.isPalindrome(number);
  • convert a number to string angularMath.numberToString(number);
  • convert a number to binary angularMath.numberToBinary(number);
  • convert a number to octal angularMath.numberToOct(number);
  • convert a number to hexadecimal angularMath.numberToHex(number);
Number actions
  • get x% percent of a number angularMath.percentOfNumber(number, percent);
  • change the sign of a number angularMath.oppositeOfNumber(number);
  • get the rest of a div from 2 numbers angularMath.getRest(number, div);
  • get integer of a number angularMath.integerOfNumber(number);
  • get the number with a specific number of decimals angularMath.getNumberWithDecimals(number, decimals);
  • convert a number in a positive one angularMath.absoluteOfNumber(number);
  • get the power of a number angularMath.powerOfNumber(number, power);
  • get the square of a number angularMath.squareOfNumber(number);
  • get logarithm of a number angularMath.logarithmOfNumber(number);
  • get the nearest integer number of a number angularMath.nearOfNumber(number);
  • get the nearest next integer number of a number angularMath.nextIntegerOfNumber(number);
  • get the nearest back integer number of a number angularMath.backIntegerOfNumber(number);
  • get the reverse number of a number angularMath.reverseOfNumber(number);
  • get the length of a number angularMath.lengthOfNumber(number);
  • count the number of a specific figure in a number angularMath.figureOfNumber(number, figure);
  • get the factorial of an integer number angularMath.factorialOfNumber(number);
  • get the sum of n numbers angularMath.sum(n1, n2, n3, ...);
  • get the dif of n numbers, starting with the first angularMath.dif(n1, n2, n3, ...);
  • get the mul of n numbers angularMath.mul(n1, n2, n3, ...);
  • get the div of n numbers, starting with the first angularMath.div(n1, n2, n3, ...);
  • get the min value of n numbers angularMath.getMinimum(n1, n2, n3, ...);
  • get the max value of n numbers angularMath.getMaximum(n1, n2, n3, ...);
  • get the sum between integers min and max (sigma function) angularMath.sigma(min, max);
  • get the mul between integers min and max (pi function) angularMath.pi(min, max);
  • get the cos value of a number angularMath.cosNumber(number);
  • get the sin value of a number angularMath.sinNumber(number);
  • get the tan value of a number angularMath.tanNumber(number);
  • get the acos value of a number angularMath.acosNumber(number);
  • get the asin value of a number angularMath.asinNumber(number);
  • get the atan value of a number angularMath.atanNumber(number);
MIT © Andrei Secareanu
  • fixed the issue;
  • the sum, dif, mul and div will return the correct value, rounded to 2 decimals;
  • typescript updated to the latest version;
  • add the random n numbers beteen 2 integers min and max; - Random
  • convert number from decimal to binary; - Convert
  • convert number from decimal to octal; - Convert
  • convert number from decimal to hexadecimal; - Convert
  • first release;