AngularJS directive that simulates the effect of typing on a text editor

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Angular Typewrite


AngularJS directive that simulates the effect of typing on a text editor - with a blinking cursor.
This directive works as an attribute to any HTML element, and it changes the speed/delay of its animation.


Just clone this repository, do `bower install angular-typewrite --save or npm install angular-typewriter --save`. After including the angular-typewrite.js file on your app, inject it 'angularTypewrite' as a dependency on your AngularJS module:
	.module('yourAppName', [
If you installed it by NPM, do:
var tw  = require('angular-typewriter');
	.module('yourAppName', [
NOTE: For the blinking effect, add the angular-typewrite.css file to your loaded stylesheets.

How to use

Just add the typewrite attribute to the desired HTML element, passing the text that should print as the 'text' attribute and the directive takes care of the rest.
The 'text' attribute can be a single string or an array of string. In case an array is passed, the string on each index is erased so the next item can be printed. When the last index is reached, that string stays on the screen. (So if you want to erase the last string, just push an empty string to the end of the array).


These are the optional preferences:
  • initial delay: set an 'initial-delay' attribute for the element
  • type delay: set a 'type-delay' attribute for the element
  • erase delay: set a 'erase-delay' attribute for the element
  • specify cursor : set a 'cursor' attribute for the element, specifying which cursor to use
  • turn off cursor blinking: set the 'blink-cursor' attribute to "false"
  • cursor blinking speed: set a 'blink-delay' attribute for the element
  • control the typing start with scope variable: set a 'start' attribute for the element
  • scope callback: pass the desired scope callback as the 'callback-fn' attribute of the element

Note: Each time/delay value should be set either on seconds (1s) or milisseconds (1000)


This directives only depends the core AngularJS file and on the CSS file provided (angular-typewrite.css) in order to replicate the cursor blinking effect.


I created a Simple Demo to show the directive working.