JWT encode and decode module. angular2 fork of great node-jwt-simple by Kazuhito Hokamura

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This is a fork of excellent Kazuhito Hokamura node-jwt-simple module updated to work with angular 2/5. JWT(JSON Web Token) encode and decode module for node.js.


$ npm install angular2-jwt-simple


var jwt = require('angular2-jwt-simple');
var payload = { foo: 'bar' };
var secret = 'xxx';

// HS256 secrets are typically 128-bit random strings, for example hex-encoded:
// var secret = Buffer.from('fe1a1915a379f3be5394b64d14794932', 'hex')

// encode
var token = jwt.encode(payload, secret);

// decode
var decoded = jwt.decode(token, secret);
console.log(decoded); //=> { foo: 'bar' }

decode params

 * jwt.decode(token, key, noVerify, algorithm)

// decode, by default the signature of the token is verified
var decoded = jwt.decode(token, secret);
console.log(decoded); //=> { foo: 'bar' }

// decode without verify the signature of the token,
// be sure to KNOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING because not verify the signature
// means you can't be sure that someone hasn't modified the token payload
var decoded = jwt.decode(token, secret, true);
console.log(decoded); //=> { foo: 'bar' }

// decode with a specific algorithm (not using the algorithm described in the token payload)
var decoded = jwt.decode(token, secret, false, 'HS256');
console.log(decoded); //=> { foo: 'bar' }


By default the algorithm to encode is HS256.
The supported algorithms for encoding and decoding are HS256, HS384, HS512 and RS256.
// encode using HS512
jwt.encode(payload, secret, 'HS512')