Color Picker Directive For AngularJS

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Angular Color Picker
Vanilla AngularJS Color Picker Directive with no requirement on jQuery
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```shell bower install angularjs-color-picker --save ```


```shell npm install angularjs-color-picker --save ```


  • Include files
* Bower
<link rel="stylesheet" href="bower_components/angular-color-picker/dist/angularjs-color-picker.min.css" />
<!-- only include if you use bootstrap -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="bower_components/angular-color-picker/dist/themes/angularjs-color-picker-bootstrap.min.css" />
<script src="bower_components/tinycolor/dist/tinycolor-min.js"></script>
<script src="bower_components/angular-color-picker/dist/angularjs-color-picker.min.js"></script>
* Node
<link rel="stylesheet" href="node_modules/angularjs-color-picker/dist/angularjs-color-picker.min.css" />
<!-- only include if you use bootstrap -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="node_modules/angularjs-color-picker/dist/themes/angularjs-color-picker-bootstrap.min.css" />
<script src="node_modules/tinycolor2/dist/tinycolor-min.js"></script>
<script src="node_modules/angularjs-color-picker/dist/angularjs-color-picker.min.js"></script>
  • Add the module to your app
```javascript angular.module('app', 'color.picker'); ```
  • Include in your view
```html ```


HTML - Only ``ng-model`` is required. If supplying an api it must be a unique object per color picker. However the event api can be shared among color pickers. ```html ng-model="color"
> ``` Javascript ```js $scope.color = '#FF0000'; // options - if a list is given then choose one of the items. The first item in the list will be the default $scope.options = {
// html attributes
required: [false, true],
disabled: [false, true],
placeholder: '',
inputClass: '',
id: undefined,
name: undefined,
// validation
restrictToFormat: [false, true],
preserveInputFormat: [false, true],
allowEmpty: [false, true],
// color
format: ['hsl', 'hsv', 'rgb', 'hex', 'hexString', 'hex8', 'hex8String', 'raw'],
case: ['upper', 'lower'],
// sliders
hue: [true, false],
saturation: [false, true],
lightness: [false, true], // Note: In the square mode this is HSV and in round mode this is HSL
alpha: [true, false],
dynamicHue: [true, false],
dynamicSaturation: [true, false],
dynamicLightness: [true, false],
dynamicAlpha: [true, false],
// swatch
swatch: [true, false],
swatchPos: ['left', 'right'],
swatchBootstrap: [true, false],
swatchOnly: [true, false],
// popup
round: [false, true],
pos: ['bottom left', 'bottom right', 'top left', 'top right'],
inline: [false, true],
horizontal: [false, true],
// show/hide
show: {
swatch: [true, false],
focus: [true, false],
hide: {
blur: [true, false],
escape: [true, false],
click: [true, false],
// buttons
close: {
show: [false, true],
label: 'Close',
class: '',
clear: {
show: [false, true],
label: 'Clear',
class: '',
reset: {
show: [false, true],
label: 'Reset',
class: '',
}; // exposed api functions $; // opens the popup $scope.api.close(); // closes the popup $scope.api.clear(); // removes value $scope.api.reset(); // resets color value to original value $scope.api.getElement(); // returns the wrapping element $scope.api.getScope(); // returns the color picker $scope // api event handlers $scope.eventApi = {
onChange:  function(api, color, $event) {},
onBlur:    function(api, color, $event) {},
onOpen:    function(api, color, $event) {},
onClose:   function(api, color, $event) {},
onClear:   function(api, color, $event) {},
onReset:   function(api, color, $event) {},
onDestroy: function(api, color) {},
}; // decorator - all variables in options can be globally overridden here angular
.module('app', ['color.picker'])
.config(function($provide) {
$provide.decorator('ColorPickerOptions', function($delegate) {
var options = angular.copy($delegate);
options.round = true;
options.alpha = false;
options.format = 'hex';
return options;


  • angularjs (v1.3 and higher)
  • tinycolor.js (18.8 KB minified)
NO requirement for jQuery!


Inspiration and code taken from projects like