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AngularJS Currency Input Mask
Module for AngularJS 1.3+ providing a input mask and filter for working with variable currency configurations. It allows the user to type only digits while formatting the currency in the pattern passed as a parameter to the directive.


``` npm install --save angularjs-currency-input-mask ```


Import the minified script from ``dist/angularjs-currency-input-mask.min.js`` to your page ```html ``` Add the module ``cur.$mask`` as dependency of your main application module ```js angular.module('myapp', 'cur.$mask') ```


  • Basic usage example
```html ``` Adding the ``mask-currency` directive to an input with `ng-model` associated will load settings from `$locale`` provider. It means that, if no configuration is provided, values will be masked in the same format of the currency filter.
  • Setting up custom pattern
```html ``` Adding up custom settings will change the mask applied. The example above sets the format to brazilian reais currency.
  • Making it dynamic
```html ``` Making use of the controller scope enables dynamic settings for the mask, not locking on a single locale. As shown on the demo file, a list of currencies with its given configurations is created to provide different filling options to the input, and then is attached to the scope: ```js var currencies =
{symbol:'\u00A3',config:{indentation:' '}},
{symbol:'\u00A5', config:{decimalSize:0}},
{symbol:'R\u0024',config:{group:'.',decimal:',',indentation:' '}}
.controller('ctrl', function($scope,$locale) {
$scope.currencies = currencies;
$scope.currency = currencies[0];
Be aware that modifying the floating point of the input will result in a different number.
If the number 123456 is typed on the input it will be shown as something like $1,234.56 depending on the config parameter,
but if decimalSize is changed to zero within the config parameter the number shown will be something like $123,456 != $1,234.56


To format an output that matches the input mask pattern, the filter printCurrency is available ``` {{value | printCurrency : currency.symbol : currency.config}} ```


The options available to the config parameter object are:
  • indentation: defines character(s) separation between currency sign and value
  • orientation: 'l' to show symbol at the left 'r' to show on the right
  • decimal: the character separator to the fraction
  • group: the character separator to the groups of numbers
  • decimalSize: number of digits after the decimal point
  • groupSize: number of digits within a group of numbers


A Demo page containing different usage scenarios is located in demo/index.html


If you are cloning the repository you must have gulp globally installed and run the following commands in order to have the dist folder generated: ``` npm install npm run build ```


Tests are coded using Karma + Jasmine. The easiest way to run these checks is the following ``` npm install npm test ```