AngularJS bindings for Onsen UI

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AngularJS bindings for Onsen UI
With Onsen UI you can create beautiful and performant hybrid apps that run on both Android and iOS. This package contains AngularJS bindings that make it easy to integrate the Onsen UI components in AngularJS apps.
For more information of what's included in Onsen UI please see:


Package Manager (yarn, npm)

yarn add onsenui angularjs-onsenui --save

Direct download

Get onsenui.js, onsenui.css and onsenui-css-components.css from the latest core release. You will also need angularjs-onsenui.js file from this CDN link or angularjs-onsenui.min.js from here.

Including AngularJS and Onsen UI

<link rel="stylesheet" href="onsen-css-components.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="onsenui.css">

<script src="angular.min.js"></script>
<script src="onsenui.min.js"></script>
<script src="angularjs-onsenui.min.js"></script>

Examples - Running the development server

The examples are located under /bindings/angular1/examples directory in the main repo.
You can serve these examples by running the development server. First you need to build the main repo. When that is done you can run the following commands from /bindings/angular1 directory:
yarn install
yarn run dev

This will open a development server with a kitchen sink app in localhost:8080.
Otherwise, have a look at the playground for online examples.


If you need help using these bindings we recommend you to use our forum to ask questions. We also have a Discord chat.
If you find any bug or want to request features/API changes, please open an issue. Make sure to include all information necessary to reproduce it if you file a bug report.