An even better requestAnimationFrame

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An even better requestAnimationFrame

  • fixed ios6 issues upgrading to the native implementation if it works (no agent sniffing)
  • like the native implementation it will group callbacks for better performance
  • like the native implementation it will degrade the frame rate depending on device performance
  • you can define your own frame rate specifically for every animation
  • highly optimized for performance
  • can be used as a shim, but has an own namespace per default
  • no performance degradation if using mutilple RAF calls in parallel (see examples/compare.html)


Get the api

If you are inside of a commonjs/amd module:
var AnimationFrame = require('animation-frame');
Otherwise its defined on window:
var AnimationFrame = window.AnimationFrame;

Activate the shim AnimationFrame.shim(options)

It will replace native implementation if it does exist but still will use it if possible. So you can use window.requestAnimationFrame and window.cancelAnimationFrame after this safely. Optionally you can pass the frame rate.

Set custom default frame rate

There are devices with different refresh rate than 60 out of there. You can define a custom value, for the shim implementation. Native implementation should do it for you. Do it before requesting frames, because after that the frame length is cached.
AnimationFrame.FRAME_RATE = 30;

Create instance new AnimationFrame(options)

Options can be an object or a number, number is the custom frame rate.
- `useNative` use the native animation frame if possible, defaults to true
- `frameRate` pass a custom frame rate
// Using default frame rate
var animationFrame = new AnimationFrame();

// Using custom frame rate.
var animationFrame = new AnimationFrame(20);

// Avoid using native RAF:
var animationFrame = new AnimationFrame({useNative: false});

Request a frame animationFrame.request(fn)

var frameId = animationFrame.request(function(time) {
    // Your animation here.

Cancel frame animationFrame.cancel(frameId)

var animationFrame = new AnimationFrame();

Known problems

  • ios6-7 safari native animation frame animation can conflict with css animations, see #2