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Annotator is a JavaScript library for building annotation applications in browsers. It provides a set of interoperable tools for annotating content in webpages. For a simple demonstration, visit the Annotator home page or download a tagged release of Annotator from the releases page and open `demo.html`.
.. Annotator home page: .. the releases page:
Components within Annotator provide:
  • user interface: components to create, edit, and display annotations in a
  • persistence: storage components help you save your annotations to a remote
  • authorization and identity: integrate Annotator with your application's login
and permissions systems.
  • rich metadata: the |documentmodule| sniffs the page on which annotations
are being made for document metadata (such as that provided by `Dublin Core
tags`_ or the `Facebook Open Graph`_) that allows you to enrich the
presentation of these annotations.
.. Dublin Core tags: .. Facebook Open Graph: .. |documentmodule| replace:: `annotator.ext.document` module .. documentmodule:


See Installing
and Configuring and using Annotator from the documentation.
.. Installing: .. Configuring and using Annotator: .. documentation:

Writing a module

See Module development
.. Module development:


See HACKING.rst <./HACKING.rst>.

Reporting a bug

Please report bugs using the GitHub issue tracker. Please be sure to use the search facility to see if anyone else has reported the same bug -- don't submit duplicates.
Please endeavour to follow good practice for reporting bugs
when you submit an issue.
Lastly, if you need support or have a question about Annotator, please do not use the issue tracker. Instead, you are encouraged to email the `mailing list`.
GitHub issue tracker: .. good practice for reporting bugs:


The Annotator project has a mailing list
, `annotator-dev`, which you're encouraged to use for any questions and discussions. It is archived for easy browsing and search at gmane.comp.web.annotator. We can also be found in |IRC|.
.. mailing list: .. gmane.comp.web.annotator: .. |IRC| replace:: the `#annotator` channel on Freenode .. IRC:
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