O pacote tem como objetivo a utilização de componentes de interface desacoplada da aplicação, de maneira que se possa construir uma interface mantendo os padrões de interface da Jornada de Apoio.

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ap-ui-kit offers a comprehensive set of UI tools to help you ship new features faster. Start with ap-ui-kit, our fully loaded component library, or bring your own design system for our production-ready components.
The package aims to use interface components decoupled from the application, so that an interface can be built keeping the interface standards of the Support "Apoio".
For version control, we will follow the pattern SEMVER. For better control of commits, releases and changelogs. Commit automation following Conventional Commits is implemented.
Local development
To test the library in a project under development, just go to the ap-ui-kit project and run:
> yarn link

Then go to the project where you are using the library and run:
> yarn link "ap-ui-kit"
You can run the documentation by running the command:
> yarn storybook