NodeJS Client for Apache Ignite

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NodeJS Client for Apache Ignite #

Installation ##

Node.js version 8 or higher is required. Either download the Node.js pre-built binary for the target platform, or install Node.js via package manager. Once node and npm are installed, you can use one of the following installation options.

Installation via npm ###

Execute the following command to install the Node.js Thin Client package: ``` npm install -g apache-ignite-client ```

Installation from Sources ###

If you want to install the Thin Client library from Ignite sources, please follow the steps:
  1. Download Ignite sources to local_ignite_path
  1. Go to local_ignite_path/modules/platforms/nodejs folder
  1. Execute npm link command
  1. Execute npm link apache-ignite-client command (needed only for examples)
```bash cd localignitepath/modules/platforms/nodejs npm link npm link apache-ignite-client #linking examples (optional) ``` For more information, see Apache Ignite Node.JS Thin Client documentation.