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Apollo Config Center - NodeJs Client

What Is This Module Target For?

Recentlly, We're Using Apollo As Config Center, And The Official Suggested NodeJS Module Doesn't Works Well, So We Do This Module To Load Data From Apollo Config Center.


npm install apollo-config --save
yarn add apollo-config
Then Require The Module:
const ApolloConfig = require('apollo-config');

Quick Start

Maybe You Need To Config And Start Apollo In The Right Place First, See https://github.com/ctripcorp/apollo/wiki/Quick-Start
Config The Right Type Of Configuration As You Want, We Currently Support Json And Properties Type.
If You're Using Json Type,
const jsonConfig = new ApolloConfig(config.jsonRepo).init();
const jsonCfg = await jsonConfig.loadJsonConfig();
console.log('config [ %o ]', jsonCfg);

If You're Using Properties Type,
const kvConfig = new ApolloConfig(config.kvRepo).init();
const kvCfg = await kvConfig.loadKvConfig();
console.log('config [ %o ]', kvCfg);

And The config Is Just Like This:
module.exports = {
  jsonRepo: {
    host        : '',
    port        : 8080,

    env         : 'dev',
    clusterName : 'default',
    namespace   : 'filename.json',

    appId       : 'appId from http://ip:port/open/manage.html',
    token       : '32 bytes string together with appid',

  kvRepo: {
    host        : '',
    port        : 8080,

    env         : 'dev',
    clusterName : 'cluster name defined under env',
    namespace   : 'namespace defined under cluster',

    appId       : 'appId from http://ip:port/open/manage.html',
    token       : '32 bytes string together with appid',



  1. Where Can I Find The env, clusterName, namespace, appId And token?

You Can Find All The Values Of The Config In The Apollo Dashboard, Some Of Them Must Config As Admin User, Such As appId And token, And The Others Are Commenly Configured As Common Users.