Local networkInterface for apollo-client server rendering

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A local GraphQL networkInterface for apollo-client.
This is useful for server-rendering a React/Apollo app when your GraphQL server is running in the same server process. Rather than go out and back through the networking stack (eg. connecting to localhost), with this module the query runs in the same process as your rendering code.


npm install --save apollo-local-query

This module uses several ES6 features, so nodejs v6.0 or above is required.

Basic Usage

const {createLocalInterface} = require('apollo-local-query')
const graphql = require('graphql')
const schema = require('path/to/your/graphql_schema')

const isServer = ...
const options = { ... }     // Your common ApolloClient options

if (isServer) {
    options.networkInterface = createLocalInterface(graphql, schema)
    options.ssrMode = true

const myClient = new ApolloClient(options)

Note: If you're compiling your server-side code, GraphQL should be imported using the namespace import syntax, as the default import syntax will return undefined. For example:
import * as graphql from 'graphql';

Logging Queries

This module uses debug to enable optional logging. To log each query that runs through this local interface (along with its execution time), launch your server with the DEBUG env var set to apollo-local. For example, DEBUG=apollo-local npm start