Production-ready Node.js GraphQL server for Hapi

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This is the Hapi integration of Apollo Server. Apollo Server is a community-maintained open-source Apollo Server that works with many Node.js HTTP server frameworks. Read the docs. Read the CHANGELOG.
This package has only been tested with @hapi/hapi 20.1.2 and higher; that is the minimum version of Hapi that supports Node 16.
A full example of how to use apollo-server-hapi can be found in the docs.


The context is created for each request. The following code snippet shows the creation of a context. The arguments are the request, the request, and h, the response toolkit.
new ApolloServer({
  context: async ({ request, h }) => {
    return { ... };


Apollo Server is built with the following principles in mind:
  • By the community, for the community: Apollo Server's development is driven by the needs of developers
  • Simplicity: by keeping things simple, Apollo Server is easier to use, easier to contribute to, and more secure
  • Performance: Apollo Server is well-tested and production-ready - no modifications needed

Anyone is welcome to contribute to Apollo Server, just read CONTRIBUTING.md, take a look at the roadmap and make your first PR!