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Display a polite message telling users with browsers that are too old that they must upgrade or switch browsers to view the site.
npm install --save apostrophe-browser-requirements

In app.js:
modules: {
  apostrophe-browser-requirements: {
    minimums: {
      // Currently only supports IE version detection
      ie: 9
    // optional, should be something simple for bc, not SVG
    logo: '/images/my-custom-logo.png',
    // The default: invite users to visit browsehappy.com for
    // information about upgrading their browser. If you shut
    // this off with `browseHappy: false`, you still get
    // a helpful sentence about the supported alternatives
    browseHappy: true    

In layout.html:
{# At the END of the DOM so it can easily remove everything else #}
{% block extraBody %}
{{ apos.browserRequirements.message() }}
{% endblock %}

And optionally, in your CSS:
#apos-browser-requirements {
  background-color: #somethingthatmatchesyourlogonicely

If you don't configure a logo, it looks a little "unofficial," so we recommend providing one.
You can override views/content.html at project level if you need to change the text or don't want to link to browsehappy.com.

IE version support

This module can display the message on versions of IE going back to IE6.

"What about Microsoft Edge?"

This module treats Microsoft Edge as IE 12, 13, etc. Set the ie minimum accordingly.

"What about blocking IE completely?"

Oh come on kids, that browser's come a long way.


2.0.0: compatible with Apostrophe 2.x.